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2017 Royal Distributing Canadian Cross Country Championship

**Presented by Honda and Yamaha**


Round #1 - July 2 - Lytton, BC (Monkey Wrench)

Round #2 - July 22 - Vega, AB

Round #3 - Aug 26 - Coleman, AB (Shale Shaker)

Round #4 - Sept 17 - Hope, BC


Round #1 – July 22 - Parry Sound, ON (Deaf Camp)

Round #2 – August 20 – Wingham, ON (Moto 86)

Round #3 – September 9 – Walton, ON (Walton MX)

Round #4 – September 10 – Walton, ON (Walton MX)


2017 Kawasaki Ontario Enduro Championship

Breaking News

April 26 - Dates finalized for Kawasaki Ontario Enduro Championship

June 3 - Staffordville, ON
July 16 - Shelburne, ON
Aug 19 - Wingham, ON
Oct 22 - Meaford, ON
More event details available here.

Mar 17 - Kawasaki Title Sponsor for the Ontario Enduro Championship

We are pleased to announce Kawasaki Canada as the title sponsor of the Ontario Enduro Championship for 2017. Kawasaki Canada is very happy to be part of this exciting series for youth riders organized and promoted by youth riders. Kawasaki's long standing support of young riders is well known through their Team Green Program. The list of famous motocross racers who were part of Team Green during their rise to the top reads like a "who's who" in the history of the sport.
The line of motorcycles available from Kawasaki range from Pee Wee up to Super Youth Class in our series. We already have some great riders in our series that are Kawasaki mounted and encourage everyone to check out for details of their product line. Or better yet, go check out your local Kawasaki dealer for up close viewing.

Jan 17 - CXCC East Rider Advancements

WEC would like to congratulate all our racers on their accomplishments last season. Due to their success the following Eastern riders will be moving up to a new class for the 2017CXCC East -
Beginner to Junior - Emerson Lines, John Hughes, Doug Francis, Alex Taylor, Clay Smits, Matthew Mayrand, Brad Hudson, Adam Hargreaves.
Junior to Intermediate - Glendan Tupis, Marco Rettie, Jon Duncan, James Moore, Mark Steen, Jonathan Edgar
Intermediate to Pro - Scott Merritt, Cody Cosgrove, Tyler Reynolds, Donald Derochers
**Due to the difference in classes for 2017 CXCC East riders need to choose the class that best suits thier ability level**

Jan 9 - World Enduro Canada and Off Road Ontario Partnership for CXCC East

World Enduro Canada is pleased to announce that in 2017, the points generated in the four round CXCC East National Championship will also pay in the Off-Road Ontario Provincial series. This partnership is something WEC has been working on for many years and we are pleased that both organizations have been able to make this work for 2017.
This regional partnership with Off Road Ontario is one that mirrors the long standing mutual partnership WEC has with PNWMA in British Columbia and AMSA in Alberta for the CXCC West National Championship.
This arrangement will allow riders in Ontario to compete in the National rounds using the Provincial Off-Road Ontario competition membership, additionally rider classes will be consistent with both series for simplicity. For more information go to our XC Page

Sept 28 - CXCC West - Champions Crowned at Piston Run in Chilliwack, BC

The final Royal Distributing CXCC West races were held at the famous Piston Run in Chilliwack BC last weekend - Champions were crowned in all classes Championship standings in all classes

Sept 12 - CXCC East - Champions Crowned at Walton Raceway

The Final Royal Distributing CXCC East races were held this past weekend in Walton, ON. Champions were crowed in all classes from Pee Wee to Pro. Championship standings in all classes













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